Google Ads Grow Plan

I specialize in Google Ads campaign management to improve sales or lead generation. Each month, I’ll evaluate your Google Ads campaign & optimize for conversions.

You won’t get wonky tech gibberish from me – I know your days are busy and that you need clear, concise breakdowns of your digital marketing efforts.

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Google Ads “GROW” Plan

Expert Management for your Google Search Ads & Shopping Ads

When Google Ads campaigns aren’t tuned correctly, you pay more for every click, every conversion, and every lead; you are just throwing away money on poorly performing ads. When Google Ads sees your account performing poorly, you also lose more ad auctions, which means your ads don’t show to potential customers, and you pay more for the ad auctions that you win. Includes goal setting and conversion tracking.

Client Requirements

  • 1+ years with Google Ads, I only work with clients who have already worked with Google Ads and who have existing campaigns that have run for at least a year.
  • $14K+ allocated for Google Ads. This plan is for Google Ads accounts with a daily ad spend between $20-$100.
  • Readiness to let someone else completely manage your Google Ads account. If you still think you can figure it out, and want to keep meddling on your account, then I am not a good match
  • Readiness for success. Sure, you’re ready to hand over your account, but are you prepared for the increase in business that comes from a well planned and maintained Google Ads campaign? Do you have the budget, the staffing, and the bandwidth to respond to increases in sales, leads, and other conversions?

Google Ads Case Studies

A 93% Conversion Rate (Conv. rate) for a motorcycle shipping company’s lead generation form, for 14+ months so far.

An 18% Click-through Rate (CTR) for a mobile-veterinarian company’s lead generation form, for 4+ years so far. Don’t be satisfied with a 1-3% CTR!

A 60-cent Cost per Click (CPC)  on the product listing ads for an audiophile distribution company’s product ads, for 10+ years so far.

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