Why work with me?

I have a real passion for promoting websites, delighting my clients with results, and growing their businesses. 

The businesses I work with, I know I can help in a big way. In addition, I am a friendly person who takes pride in catering to my clients, who frequently become long-time partners and friends.

When I am not building WordPress Sites or managing web ad campaigns, you can find me photographing our natural world. I am interested in lichen and fungi, which curiously look like the dendrites in our brains.

I live in Racine, Wisconsin, with my wife and two cats.

Have a gander at my client reviews.

Photo Of Barney Chastain
Barney Chastain, Owner


  • I listen to you
  • I offer 100% virtual availability: you can reach me when you need me
  • I return non-urgent messages within one business day
  • I use a helpdesk system to provide support (Client Portal)

Planning & Analysis

  • I translate your marketing plans into attainable goals and measurable metrics
  • I strategize with you to achieve those metrics
  • I provide clear, concise breakdowns of website & digital marketing performance
  • I make sure you understand your website and advertising analytics


  • You approve of every billable item upfront
  • I send an invoice each month and for every phase of the project
  • I provide super diligent time-tracking for each project
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