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Turbo Hosting

Would you like a website host that can increase your conversion rate, improve your SEO rankings, lower your bounce rate, and handle up to 9x more traffic? Your choice of website host has a direct impact on your sites’ speed and can be the key reason why your site ultimately succeeds or fails.


Turbo Hosting

We want to see you succeed! That’s why we invested in our high-speed Turbo Servers, which provide enhanced processing power with unbelievable I/O capacity to help vastly reduce bottlenecks. Our EPYC hardware also uses non-volatile memory express (NVMe) giving our Solid State Drives (SSDs) the ability to reach their full performance potential with ultra-fast read/write speeds.


What makes our Turbo Servers so fast?

Your choice of website host has a direct impact on your sites’ speed and can be the key reason why your site ultimately succeeds or fails. We want to see you succeed! That’s why we invested in our high-speed Turbo Servers, which provide enhanced processing power with unbelievable I/O capacity to help vastly reduce bottlenecks. Our EPYC hardware also uses non-volatile memory express (NVMe) giving our Solid State Drives (SSDs) the ability to reach their full performance potential with ultra-fast read/write speeds.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Speed Boost

Some hosts claim to offer Solid State Drive Hosting but only host your OS or databases, not your files. We use SSD for everything so you get the biggest speed boost possible That’s why our SSD Hosting loads pages faster than our competition and why even we host our site on SSDs. While standard hard drives can only perform hundreds of input/output operations per second, our SSDs perform thousands every second! With no moving parts and no bottlenecks, our SSDs can help your site really fly!

Optimized Site Accelerator

Pre-configured caching:

  • Turbo Cache – The entire HTML contents of a page is stored by Turbo Cache and served without running PHP for up to 20X faster page loads.
  • OPcache/APC – Tests show OPcache can cut PHP page response time in half. OPcache comes pre-configured with PHP 5.5 and later version. APC is available on earlier PHP versions.
  • Memcached – Increases the speed of your MySQL databases by keeping your most important data in memory for quicker retrieval.


HTTP/3 provides significantly faster page load times than HTTP because of its ability to deliver more HTTP requests at once and prioritize those requests. HTTP/3 delivers files 20%-30% faster than HTTP.

Anycast DNS

With our Anycast DNS solution, DNS records are duplicated across Chastain Sites Hosting’s global network ultimately bringing them closer to your visitors. Anycast DNS increases performance when your site is visited by offering quicker response times, lowering latency and increasing redundancy.

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection)

QUIC is an internet transportation protocol that makes HTTP traffic more efficient and faster by reducing connection establishment times.

LiteSpeed Performance-Enhanced Web Server

Maintaining site performance during traffic spikes is a concern of the past with more power and additional account resources! Our LiteSpeed Web Server perform up to 11x faster than Apache.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugins –  Faster Software Speeds

  • WordPress LiteSpeed Cache – Communicates with your Turbo server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic WordPress pages and greatly reduce your site’s page load time
  • Magento LiteSpeed Cache (LiteMage) – LiteMage is a caching solution designed to help you get the fastest Magento page load speeds. LiteMage uses Edge Sides Includes (ESI) on your pages that were previously unable to be cached. ESI “punches holes” where the unique, non-cacheable content on your pages is. This allows the rest of your page to be served from cache so it can load faster for each of your site visitors.
  • WooCommerce LiteSpeed Cache – Uses the LSCache for WordPress plugin to give your WooCommerce store an extra speed boost.
  • PrestaShop LiteSpeed Cache – Communicates directly with your server to save and serve static copies of your dynamic PrestaShop pages to greatly reduce your store’s page-load time.
  • XenForo LiteSpeed Cache – A full page caching add-on that communicates with your server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic XenForo site to greatly reduce your page load times.
  • Drupal LiteSpeed Cache – Accurately cache both logged-in and logged-out users to dramatically increase the performance of your Drupal site.
  • Joomla LiteSpeed Cache – Boost the peformance of your Joomla site by serving static snapshots of dynamic content. Page load times are drastically reduced by skipping unnecessary PHP transactions.
  • Laravel LiteSpeed Cache – Cache your private and public content on the same page with Edge Side Includes (ESI).
  • MediaWiki LiteSpeed Cache – LiteSpeed Cache allows your MediaWiki site to completely bypass PHP and deliver faster results for both your logged-in and non-logged-in users.
  • OpenCart LiteSpeed Cache – Provides performance boosting caching for all visitors to your OpenCart site, whether they’re logged in, logged out, have a cart full of products or have an empty cart!
  • Shopware LiteSpeed Cache – Increase your store’s performance with LiteSpeed’s server-level full-page caching. The flexible and sophisticated tag-based structure offers targeted cache purging, triggered as product data is updated.


Perpetual Security w/ Free HackScan

Fixing a hacked site is a major headache. We want to make your life easier so we include free HackScan protection to help block hacks before they can do damage your site. HackScan is just one feature of Perpetual Security; our proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats!

Additional Perpetual Security Features

Our proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats! Our Perpetual Security is unrelenting and constant hosting protection, squashing threats before they potentially develop into something larger. Main Perpetual Security features:

  • KernelCare – Daily, Automatic & Rebootless Kernel Updates
  • Dual Web Hosting Firewall
  • Brute Force Defense
  • Virus Scanning
  • Server Hardening
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
  • 5-Star Average. Read what our customers have to say about us before you purchase!
  • BBB Accredited Business – A+ Rated.

Reinforced DDoS Protection

Don’t fall victim to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, a malicious attempt to disrupt a site or network with a flood of Internet traffic from multiple compromised computer systems. Our expert Reinforced DDoS defense solution provides high scale capacity, instant attack detection and fast mitigation. While DDoS attacks can be complicated and difficult to mitigate, our solution improves the likelihood that your site will remain online during even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Patchman Enhanced Security Tool

Our multi-function security tool providing free account protection.

  1. Out of date version detection: A hacker can compromise your site is if you’re using insecure, outdated software. You’ll receive notification if you have out of date software installed.
  2. Infected file quarantine: Receive a warning if an infected file on your account is detected. Infected files are auto-quarantined 24 hours later for your protection.
  3. WordPress, Joomla & Drupal Software Patching: A notification will be sent when files are found that can be patched. Patches are back-ports of bug fixes found in updated versions of your isoftware meaning the latest version will likely resolve the issue. After 2-days, the patch will be applied automatically, but will not update the version of your software.


We’ll Migrate Your Site!

Ready to love your host? It doesn’t have to be a headache to move your site. We’ll be able to migrate your site for you for free in most cases! Just contact our Guru Crew Support team! We actually have an expert migration team dedicated to website transfers. Day in and day out they transfer websites to our servers. They’re pros at what they do so you have nothing to worry about!

Free Email Services

  • Unlimited Addresses (Included Free!)
  • Webmail (Horde & RoundCube)
  • POP3 / POP3-SSL
  • Spam Protection
  • Barracuda Advanced Spam Filtering

Free SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

Chastain Sites provides you with free and automated SSL Certificates for enhanced website security and protection. Your websites get a trusted HTTPS for an encrypted connection. Best of all, our SSL Certificates are setup automatically for your domains by default! It’s a no click SSL Certificate configuration!

Free Installations

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • CubeCart
  • B2evolution
  • phpBB
  • SMF

Free Optimized Software

Optimized Software ends the guesswork of how to get the fastest page loads for your software. Thanks to testing, testing and more testing, our team has created Chastain Sites Optimized. Pre-Tuned For Performance. Featuring WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal & More.

Your Chastain Sites Optimized install, exclusive to Chastain Sites Hosting customers, provides auto-configuration for the most popular software including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop and more so you get the best performance and most secure settings. With auto-optimizations like compression and caching, you can turn your focus to building your site, writing content and promotion. 


  • CentOS CloudLinux OS: Our supercharged version of the CentOS operating system is specifically designed to meet a site’s growing needs. With its unheralded ability to isolate and control resource spikes, CloudLinux provides superior site availability.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: (Up To 11X FASTER Than Apache) LiteSpeed Web Server is a high speed, drop-in server replacement for Apache. Get up to 11X FASTER performance compared to Apache and up to 6X FASTER performance than NGINX with LiteSpeed at Chastain Sites Hosting!
  • Apache 2.4: Regardless of whether you’re looking to install an application or develop one from scratch at Chastain Sites Hosting, you’ll know Apache is tuned for high performance and ultimate reliability.
  • PHP: PHP7.4
  • MariaDB Database – a MySQL compatible database with enhanced security & performance
  • Node.js 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12: While most hosts only allow it in a VPS environment, we’ve optimized our servers for Node.js.
  • PostgreSQL 9.6: PostgreSQL is up-to-date on your server, tuned for maximum security and performance. Manage your PostgreSQL databases with SSH (included free) or phpPgAdmin (pre-installed).

 Hosting Server – Limits

No Server Limits
  • Domains: no limit
  • Emails: no limit
  • File transfers: no limit
  • Bandwidth: no limit
  • Databases: no limit
  • FTP: no limit
Some Server Limits
  • File storage: 20 GB
  • Websites: 1 per plan
  • cPanel: not provided
  • SSH: not provided

Hosting Server – Specs

You’ll be hosted on a expertly tuned server with:

  • 12 Cores: 40% Faster AMD EPYC CPU Performance
  • 64 GB RAM
  • Can Handle 9X More Traffic
  • 3X Faster Read/Write Speeds with NVMe Drives
  • 2X Faster To First Byte (TTFB)
  • Optimized by APC/OPcache & Turbo Cache
  • Balanced Number of Accounts on Each Server
  • Redundant A/B Power Backed By UPS/Diesel Generator

Hosting Servers – Green

  • 100% Carbon Neutral Servers – Since 2007 we have worked with to help in their creation of clean, renewable energy and CO2 reductions on a global scale.
  • Telecommuting – Prevents unnecessary CO2 emissions from daily commutes to an office.
  • Recycling Older Servers – Instead of piling up in a landfill, we re-use them as internal servers, dedicated servers for clients with lower resource requirements & resell them to the public.
  • Reducing Trash – We reduce our waste with practices like using coffee mugs instead of disposable coffee cups when in the office.


While we constantly upgrade, monitor, and secure our servers, we understand that you need to reach us when your have an issue. You can call us, email us, created an emergency help desk ticket, or schedule a time for a Zoom meeting. All of these methods can be found on our contact page.

  • Email Support – during business hours
  • Phone Support – during business hours
  • Emergency Support – via our help desk ticketing system
  • Live Video Support – by appointment


There’s one thing you probably care about the most when it comes to hosting: reliability. If your site is down, your visitors can’t purchase from you, find your contact information, or read your new blog post. We get it. The bottom line is downtime means lost opportunity. Our 24/7/365 support staff–with expert system admins–keep your server running at its peak. We use industry best practices, the best data centers and ensure your server has the latest security patches. That’s why we can commit to your site being up with our 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

99.9% Uptime Commitment | Server Maintenance Policy

Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve got a lot of great features we want you to try. So do it! Try us risk-free! If you decide we’re not the right host for you, just cancel your account and we’ll give you a full refund within 30-days or a prorated refund for your unused service after 30-days rounded up to the next full month of service . It’s that easy! That’s unlike other hosts where once you’ve tried their service and want a refund, you’re out of luck.

Turbo Hosting (1 year)

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